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Agile Design References

This is a collection of links I usually share with people when they’re looking for help integrating UX practice with agile development methods. The reality is that agile and UX share a common interest in building user-centered products, and share a common belief that product design is inherently an iterative process.


The Agile Roadmap by Kirk Knoernschild — This is a great intro to agile development without all of the usual Agile dogma attached.

Agile UCD by Desiree Sy and Lynn Miller — Desiree and Lynn have presented several times on their success with Agile.

Agile UX Best Practices Part 1 & Agile UX Best Practices Part 2 by Jeff Patton — Jeff is one of the few Agile proponents who thinks about design & UX.

Clash of the Titans: Agile & UCD by Rick Cecil — Integrating UX and agile processes.

Getting Real About Agile Design by Cennydd Bowles has a nice overview of UX & agile at A List Apart.


Questions on Agile UCD by Leisa Reichelt — From dConstruct 2007.

Agile Development, Agile Design by Leisa Reichelt — From Web 2.0 Expo Berlin 2007.

Design and UX in an Agile Process by M. Jackson Wilkinson — From Web 2.0 Expo New York 2008.

The Wisdom of Experience by Alan Cooper — From Agile 2008. I don’t actually agree all that much with Alan, but this is still a good talk.


I’ve got more bookmarks tagged “agile” on Delicious.


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